Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Damned

I believe I pray I cry I lament
outside Your House
It does not open Its Doors to me
should I knock and break Them down
they will rush to your aid
they with the steel forged by the faith
they are pure and You are theirs alone
I am filth for I bow
where no one can see me but You
they will tie me to a tree
and set fire to Your Bones and your Skin
I will shout I will cry I will scream I will curse
and they will know they are right
for my voice will no longer be of this earth
and my words will no longer have peace
I will see You watch them burn Your Minds
even as they speak Your Words
and with my last breath I will sigh
as You hold me in the breeze
and join me with the colourful souls of others before me
green and saffron and blue and sandal and white
who know Bones and Skin are nothing
and Doors and Houses and Words mean nothing
if Minds are made of dried wood and sulphur
waiting to be ash

* * *

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