Saturday, August 27, 2016

Love, Maybe

The world is always little –
The walls of my room
The floor of my house
The stairs outside
The neighbour’s spouse.

They are always right –
The mikes on the street
The news on TV
The boss and my wife
The government levy.

I give them my all –
I twist and I turn
I hide behind my lust
I move around in socks
I smile when I must.

But they always go away –
The salesman at the door
The cloudless patch of sky
Top soil and tarred roads
A reason left to lie.

And then there’s only me –
Wall to wall roof to floor
Dusk to dawn rain and shine
The only truth is me
The only world is mine.

It’s good that you are here –
Without you I’d be free.

* * *

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