Thursday, July 28, 2016


Pretend you're alive and this is not a dream
Float fly away fall free till your stomach turns
Twist from side to side and snort like no one's watching you
Dance laugh cry and spill your soul upon the sheet

Let the world lap it all up let them watch
Let the night wade into your life and make it whole
Close your eyes and see what you could always be
And say a prayer for the child in your womb

Let her laugh let her hope let her dream let her hide
The sun will be up soon enough and the fleeting dew
They will want to take her apart and put you together again
Do not wake till you know she is gone

* * *
This poem is about the child in each of us who wakes up every night when we dream and whom we must put to rest/sleep when we wake up every morning to return to our adult lives.

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