Friday, June 27, 2014

Elan Vital

What’s in a Dream?
A little scream
Titillating Scintillating Undulating
Pinprick in the mind,
Comfort Food at midnight –
Regurgitated Integrated Masticated
Ideas reborn
Brushed away at dawn.

What’s in a Scream?
Stuttering Stammering Faltering
Phrases in the Mirror,
Unbecoming Figure
Bent Spent Rent –
Feigned truths and false lies,
Hoarse voice and silent ties,
And the promise of the morn.

* * *


Enduring the Babbles of Life said...

Ihake duhshopno bola hoi. Beshir bhag shomoi pet gorom er jonyo hoia thake :P

Navoneil said...

Ta ja bolechhish!! :)