Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I know this doesn’t quite cut it:
Random words and commas in haste
Pretending at something deep.
But what can one do
When thoughts run dry?
There’s no Viagra for the mind!

There’s no Viagra for the mind.
There’s Daily Stuff, there’s Politics,
There’s Imagined Pain, and Beauty’s Complaint;
There’re Dreams half-remembered, and Sorrows stripped by Time;
There’s Habit; there’s a semblance of Skill
And ancient Methods – ineffectual now;
There’re Memories of committed crimes
And semi-cherished Rhymes.
But, those were other times:
When the blood boiled and the mind recoiled
At the mildest touch,
Everything was new!

Everything was new
In another world, another time,
Another place of a different hue,
When words were rare and thoughts still pure,
The morrow meant a dawn anew,
And no one knew the viral scream:
“There’s no Viagra for the mind!”

* * *


Enduring the Babbles of Life said...

Hehehe, you should have tagged 'humorous' to it! It's just that we are hitting 40! Imagination and creativity, all going dry :p

Navoneil said...

@Enduring...So true!! especially "all" going dry :P