Monday, August 26, 2013

A Rainy Monday Morning

Rain slashes my slumber.
Desolate, quiet melancholy
Mixes fervently with the lime
And the mint
After-taste of last night.
Today is Monday.
A Monday. The Monday. Any Monday.
Does it matter which?
The ‘brella fails to spring
At my click,
Ever ready to defy.
Twice, I look up at an empty cloud –
You aren’t there
To wave goodbye.
I trudge on
Through the mud and the sweat
Of centuries past
Coiled up as a venomous snake
Ready to strike
At the first polished hint of boot,
Paused in midair,
Awaiting the stirring music
That must surely herald
The Splash.

* * *


Ammose said...
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Ammose said...

Rain brings the most wonderful feeling in you!...its beyond what one can explain