Friday, February 15, 2013


Some of us stay back.
Some of us hold on.
Some of us never move forward
To touch the edge of the sky –
It’s a bit blurred there
(Where the rainbow frames the stars
And the sun shines bravely
Through the misty fog).
They’re having another party,
With crackers and fluorescent dreams.
It’s Friday – the weekend’s here
And everyone’s having a breeze.
Some of us stay put
Behind the door firmly shut.
On this side there is silence
To balance out their joy,
On this side there is penance
For the sins about to be –
Some of us pay dearly
So others can dream on.
I know, for I have been there –
Beyond the magic real,
Where the prism’s brilliant colors
Etch a picture fake:
An ad for what might have been
If only we’d strayed!
I know, for I have been there
Where the ocean meets the sky:
There lies an empty village,
Shorn of life and sound,
And a baby’s choked sob
Yet echoes in the wave
That swept them all away
One magical Sunday night.

* * *


Ammose said...

Loved the words.....And is true, when we stay..stay back and watch the world roll..all different!

Iri said...

I liked it a lot. Very moving.