Wednesday, January 2, 2013


A chance, a glance, a dance –
And you’re a friend.
A wine or two: an instant brew
Of old regrets and new
Now mixed in a heady cocktail
Of disco lights and checkered steps –
A garrulous guttural expulsion
Of past lives’ escapades.
A shared osmosis:
Stupefied, brilliant understanding
Of the ways of the world
And carefree, careless steps
Into the void,
Back from the brink.

Yes, you’re a friend.

Facebook says so,
And They must know.

* * *


Viji Venu said...

good one :)! 2012 was an eventful one in every respect. Loved the year, loved everything that it gave. Hope 2013 will not disappoint us :)

Enduring the Babbles of Life said...

checked your blog after a long time...this one brought in a see, easier ones for me to understand :). and yes, if facebook says so...there are friends, if facebook says so...there are relationships...i have recently invented a phrase: he facebooked his love by liking my status ;)