Monday, September 3, 2012

Island Oceans

You stand, mesmerized,
As you should.
I reach out to you in breathless gasps –
Dare your toes to give up the sand
And join the spray.
Will you answer my call?

You stare, awestruck,
As you would
If you really knew the fathoms of my soul
(And all the hidden charms within –
The coral,
Brilliant hues of certain death).

You dither, unsure
If you could
Tame my ways with your superficial surfing board…
Phrase in and out, emerge unscathed,
In the merest fraction of my taste.

I am the ocean, an ocean –
A single drop of your blood.
I am your neighbor, your colleague, your friend…
Reach out and touch, if you care.
Dare my depths
To swallow you whole.

* * *

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Anonymous said...

Its indeed good! :)