Saturday, March 17, 2012


It’s the same old difference
In a different void –
A stuttering stop, devoid
Of life, a maddening shroud –
A cloud
Twirling a ballet,
Incessant pirouette:
It’s making me dizzy,
It’s driving me crazy…
Someone give me a Nicorette!
It’s the same shades of grey.
Give me the black,
The white,
The right to be contrite;
Give me the pain
I remain
Addicted to,
Faithful to
Till the end.
(If you are my friend),
Give me the rest
I detest,
The naked silhouette
Masquerading as my soul!
That you know me,
That you like me,
That you want desperately
To hurt me…
I yearn
For the burning coal,
The morning scowl,
The fretting,
Bloodletting –
The hate that binds us all
As love never can…

I dream of nightmares
I can feel
I can touch
I can emote
I can react to
I can live to strive against.

* * *

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