Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Breaking Up

Break it up! It’s time to move on.
And on. And on. Anon.
What’s the point? Want a joint?
Puff away your dreams. Spawn.
You look a tad withdrawn.
Anything wrong? The night hurting you, baby?
Wait, don’t tell me. I don’t really care.
That’s fair. Isn’t it? You tell me.
Till eternity.
I’ll listen. Pretend to.
But I’m hard of hearing. It’s the gunpowder
From our last fight
That blew my mind away.
Screw it! Tell me anyway. I know you will.
Have your fill. Give it your all.
I’ll take it.
With just a pinch of salt.
And a malt. Double scotch.
A notch. Above. Really.
Pretty. Very pretty.
Is the TV burning? What’s that I see in the distance?
Clouds rumbling? Or just petulant crowds...
Gaddafi trembles. Hilarious.
Dictators glorious. Who needs them anyway
When you’re here by my side?
Besides, I’m getting old. Getting on.
And on. And on. Anon.
Adieu. No, wait! Farewell.
Forever. Goodbye.
Get it?
No shit.

* * *

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