Tuesday, March 22, 2011

An Ode to CGM (Culture and Global Markets - a subject at B-school)

The web of obligation is a fatalistic notion –
It's pure ‘give and take’ with a lot of calculation:
Gotta give, accept, gotta reciprocate
To circumvent the path to eternal damnation!

We've all been there before,
We'll all be there again…
But will we ever understand
How it really all began?

Hunters, Gatherers, Trobriand tribals,
Symbols, Rituals, Big Men rivals
Defined who we were, defined who we are –
And now it’s left to us to prize their marvels!

But we've all been there before,
We'll all be there again…
If we never understand,
We'll learn yet to strain!

Potlatches, kulas – it’s all about the moolah,
Food and Lipstick, honor-stricken brouhaha…
There’s no such thing as giveaway, no such thing as ‘free gift’ –
Don’t believe those vouchers, don’t ever let ‘em fool ya!

Oh, we've known it all before,
We'll live it all again…
If we yet don't get it,
We hope we someday can!

AKs, sex slaves, Big Cat's downing –
Spheres of Exchange, the Underground's growling!
PMBs and Aid’s a mess, the only way is S Business,
It's left to the few to stop billions drowning…

Yes, we've seen it all before,
We'll see it all again;
If we seek to understand,
Hail Marcel – he’s the man!

But the hour’s growing late; the web is drawing near;
So much yet to read – the heart is pumping fear:
There’s no ‘could’ or ‘might’: just pure 'fight or flight'…
Alas! The brain is lazy, the mind is so unclear!

* * *

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