Monday, November 15, 2010

'Fin'ite Nonsense


A tiny fin drifts towards me
(Sipping on my cola in the hot summer sun);
A little fin moves towards me
(Bathing in the ocean – regular bit o’ fun);
A small fin paces around me
(Wading in the waves, weighing half a ton);
A large fin zips towards me
(Half a smile and rum, nowhere left to run)!

Blood, tissue, flesh, bone. Fury, fear, tears, groan.
Vomit, grit, guts, thoughts. Shatter, scatter, overwrought.

A large, small, little, tiny fin
(Half a smile and rum, weighing half a ton,
Bathing in the ocean in the hot summer sun,
Sipping on my cola – regular bit o’ fun –
Wading in the waves, nowhere left to run)
Lazily adrift, now with me within.


* * *