Monday, August 16, 2010

Freedom 2010

Freedom is a seductive word,
A battle cry, a flag unfurled;
A matter of right, and trust, and faith –
A nascent hope in midnight swathe:
Freedom is but fear unheard!

Freedom is the right of speech,
The right to think, to mope, to breach;
A flash of anger, a look of steel,
A million divides unrevealed –
A miracle slipping out of reach…

Freedom is a weeping Leh,
Freedom is a Red astray,
A banner green, a saffron sheen,
A terror-stricken stifled scream
Still heard amidst the gray;

Freedom is a worry, a fret,
A gift unearned, a burden great!
Freedom is but a single nation
(The coming together of one generation)
A billion strong in debt.

* * *

1 comment:

Shweta Saxena said...

To quote you 'Freedom is a worry,a fret,
A gift unearned, a burden great!'

Wonderful lines !