Saturday, May 22, 2010


Distress swivels around in tempting curves,
Watching with doe eyes
As we move around, blissful in our solvent sheen.
Bright thoughts keep us sweet company
And we drown, ever comforted
By the thought of the instant
Lovingly embracing us for all eternity,
Into oblivion –
Deep hole
(Reminiscent of the days when we had feelings
But no one to care –
For or by or of –
And we waded with the wind on our sails
For company,
And the silent hollowness
Grazing side by side):
Timelessness is a wonderful thing;
A shimmering nothingness
Illuminating our reflective sorrows
With borrowed light.
And we – poor souls! Fools!
So oblivious to that which is not,
Drift ever closer to sleep.
Esperanto comes to us there
In the shape of a dream:
A gorgeous collage of laughter and pain,
Hope and sadness and anger and hate.
And Distress.
There she is again,
Like an unforgettable detail
Lost in the crowded maze of myriad pleasures,
Seeking us out
Through the haze of the pill.

Laziness gropes with callous hands,
Wanting to open treasures unknown;
Mist settles as mute witness
To her misfortune.
The shades are drawn.
She settles in our laps
For another time,
As twilight sinks into night.

* * *

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