Monday, May 24, 2010


Forgive my trespass.

The circuitous route to your heart
Was not barred – there was no warning sign,
No bolted gate –
And I strayed.

The shade was welcoming –
The crisp munch of twigs breaking underfoot
Warmed me in,
And I stayed.

The silence calmed me so!
There was no clickety-clack, no shrill whistle
To coerce me

I wish there were.

* * *


shweta saxena said...


Keep it up Navoneil !

The first line -"Forgive me MY trespass."
In the second line-"The circuitous route to YOUR heart.."
Trespass-Verb and Noun too.
"Trespass"-If it refers to the person being addressed here,then I think the
punctuation mark is missing.
If you are referring to your mistake"my trespass"-an Act,then also something seems to be omitted.It can be"Forgive my trespass".

Clarify :)
Hope I understood the poem this time :)

Navoneil said...

Interesting. Yep, I think "Forgive my trespass." is the way to go. Let me correct that right away. Thanks!

Alien said...

Nice ....

Addsmiles said...

Loved it...

Jeo said...

Good one...