Friday, May 21, 2010

A Cruel Love

Some time to kill -

I return his glance.
Little by little, he approaches me.
There is a tender curiosity in his eyes
As he explores this new morsel of life
Smiling at him
(Does he know what a smile is, yet?).
I crouch, to ease his neck.
I give him my hand to know.
He comes forward still.
Is he smiling now?

A sudden briskness in his step.
He takes my hand in his -
His eyes now imploring, begging
Me to let it stay with him
Lest I should go away.
He is playing with my fingers -
He likes me, I think!
I let him play with the other hand,
Retrieving the earlier toy (for it holds my watch,
And my time may be up).

His little teeth nibble at my fingers
While his eyes ascertain
If I'm angry at his fun.
I remember the edible remains of my chocolate.
He waits patiently
While I offer him his prize.
He waves his tail happily now,
Content with the favour.
But, now, I must go. I really must!
A shake of the hand marks our farewell.

His eyes are lost, bewildered.

* * *

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